The UPSC civil service exam is undoubtedly a huge task. It requires immense dedication and planning, not to mention, the long-drawn process as it is held in three stages.

1.  UPSC prelims

2.  UPSC mains and the

3.  Personality Test

You have to work hard for at least a year to succeed in this exam. In addition to intelligence, dedication, and hard work, the one thing that is needed to sustain these attributes for a whole year or more is Discipline. UPSC Pathshala provides a holistic approach to the mighty UPSC preparation. The courses are designed in such a way that you get the best without having to sweat it out. Read on to find out more!

UPSC Pathshala Shows Ways to inculcate discipline in your life:

If you think you need to change certain old habits and turn over a new leaf to clear the UPSC civil services exam, there is just one way to do it: just do it! Here are some traditional ways to inculcate discipline in your life:

1.  Meditate

Meditation is an age-old technique to induce discipline in your life. Even the doctors prescribe it! Meditation is all about aligning your physical body with your inner soul. When these two are aligned, it is believed that one can lead a more focused and healthy life. Just 15 minutes of meditation a day can bring the difference to your life and stop yourself from hitting the snooze button!

2.  Be Grateful

It is important to be grateful for the things you have. Remember our mind cannot focus if it is in a constant state of ‘lacking’ or ‘wanting’. If you have a decent place to stay, three meals a day, enough study material and the right guidance, what more would you want? There are instances of people who had far less yet emerged out successful! So count your blessings.

3.  Have a well-defined Goal

Having a clear goal and believing in it will itself bring about self-discipline. If you have a dream that doesn’t let you rest, you will automatically make sure your routine and lifestyle is built towards achieving it.

4.  Self-care

Good physical and mental health is a prerequisite to a disciplined life. Your mind cannot function if it has to focus on hunger. Therefore, it is important to eat right and get a decent amount of sleep. Disciplined lifestyle is all about sleeping for the right number of hours, which is about 6 – 7 hours per day, for an adult. Exercise also helps you be disciplined because it sharpens the mind and keeps you active.

UPSC Pathshala recommends: Ways to discipline yourself for UPSC preparation:

1. Start small– Much of the UPSC preparation means self-studying. Therefore, maintaining discipline is difficult. That’s why you need to start small. Try to have a study routine of 4-5 hours which is further divided into different activities covering the entire UPSC syllabi.

2. Take breaks– In the beginning of your preparation period, developing a study routine without getting bored is difficult. Small breaks or a little nap help you to be at your productive best and improve your grasping power. Prepare a flexible timetable that will allow you to relax and maintain the required focus.

3. Reward and punishment– We all tend to work 10x harder on anything if we are going to get rewarded against it. Since you are practically your own master, reward yourself on good days and punish on the days when you go off beat.

4. Redraw strategies– Often your strategies may fail, but instead of losing focus in those times, you will have to draw new strategies and approaches to cover the vast syllabus of UPSC.

5. Be Organised– Discipline also implies getting your immediate study environment organized. Have a neat and clutter-free study table that gives you comfort while you are studying.

6. Avoid temptations– Studying for long hours can become too tedious but you cannot allow yourself to be distracted with the temptations around. They will drive you away from your actual goal.

7. Talk it out– Too many study hours can make you feel isolated and you may eventually hate the preparation period. However, if you have friends who are preparing for the same examination then you can always turn to them. Sharing mutual thoughts and doubts can be immensely therapeutic and can definitely help you focus better.

8. Manage your Time well- Do you know how the army maintains discipline? They strictly adhere to time. If you wish to cover the entire UPSC syllabus and revise a couple of times, you must learn to manage your time. It is your most precious resource.

9. Be Persistent- Persistence is the one good habit that allows you to rise every time you fall. Many a time during your UPSC preparation, you might feel you are not up to it. You might be discouraged by other people but you must go forward with your work and dream. Never give up.

In A Nutshell:

Perfect UPSC preparation is a combination of smart study and hard work. UPSC Pathshala is committed to provide you the best possible guidance for UPSC exams. However, we also believe that persistence, discipline, and confidence are the key requirements to clear this examination. If you are disciplined you will soon reap the benefits.

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