Aspirants may utilise UPSC 2021 answer paper to compute their scores. The UPSC answer key 2021 may be downloaded and printed using the procedures in the section below. The applicants’ initial step should be to thoroughly fill out the answer sheet, with full marks for each right response.

Filling in gaps will no longer be indicated as a necessity after that. Finally, for each incorrect response, deduct 1/3 of the marks according to the answer sheet. To summarise, deductions for right answers must be subtracted from your overall score. The amount you see now is the outcome of your selection for UPSC Preliminary Exam 2021. In this article, you will learn how to get the UPSC 2021 answer paper.

UPSC Prelims Answer Paper 2021

In order to get the UPSC 2021 answer paper in PDF format, you must first complete the procedures below. After obtaining the UPSC Prelims 2021 answer paper, applicants will be able to easily analyse their scores.

Commission Union Public Service Commission
Exam Civil Services Examination (CSE)
Paper Preliminary Exam
Answer Key UPSC Civil Services Answer Key 2021
Web portal
Paper Solution UPSC CSE Question Paper Solution
Category Answer Key

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Process to Download UPSC 2021 Answer Paper

# Using your web browser, go to to access the UPSC website.

# The next step is to select Examinations from the drop-down menu.

# By following the link on the next page, you may get UPSC Civil Services Prelims Answer Key 2021.

# Preliminary 2021 is the paper code you’ll need to choose.

# When you select the view button, the answer key will appear beside the test.

# Then, after downloading the pdf version, you can use it for assessment purposes.

# The steps to get UPSC Civil Services Prelims Answer Key 2021 are outlined in the following instructions.

Under Paper Coding, the original answers to both questions will be available as pdf files. Check your test answers against the authoritative answer key and use the answer key to evaluate your performance in the preliminary exams.

UPSC Prelims 2021 Cut Off

If we analyse the UPSC CSE Prelims Cutoff 2021 paper, the cutoff for this year is likely to be between 87 and 92. Now it will be seen who comes closer to realising his goal once the results are announced, and who will have to battle to make the vision come true again.

Categories Expected Cutoff
General 95-105
EWS 85-95
OBC 93-103
SC 79-89
ST 78-88
PwBD-1 66-76
PwBD-2 48-58
PwBD- 3 35-45
PwBD- 5 48-58

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Preparation Tips for Civil Services Examination Mains

Take a Break after Prelims

It is essential to take a vacation following the preliminary exams. You may have been studying nonstop for a year or more, therefore it’s critical that you take a break from your studies. Relax for at least 10 days, both physically and mentally. Prepare yourself for another 3 to 4 months of intense preparation by reading newspapers or taking a short vacation. Consider how your exam went; there may be three scenarios.

You are certain that you will pass the preliminary exams. To secure your success in the UPSC Civil Services Examination Mains, devise an appropriate UPSC Mains Preparation plan.

You’re not sure if you’ll make it to the Prelims or not. Don’t be discouraged by the outcome. Because Prelims is a qualifying exam, you can still start over.

Make a Detailed Study Plan

Come out of that mindset once you’ve totally rested and developed a precise study strategy for your mains prep. As you may be aware, CSE Mains consists of nine theoretical examinations, two of which are competitive language papers, two of which are optional topic papers, one of which is an essay paper, and the remaining four are general studies papers. As a result, you should have a clear plan in place for revising each topic and preparing the ones you haven’t even begun yet.

Schedule the Time Properly

Most new candidates are now perplexed as to how they would revise everything in the 2-3 months that they have between Prelims and Mains. Here are some options:

Make a monthly, weekly, and daily goal for yourself. Stick to it and make sure you achieve each objective. Make tiny goals that appear to be attainable.

Even if your preparation is disrupted for 1-2 days, don’t abandon the entire plan; instead, split the sections you missed across the week.

Every day, set aside two hours to review what you’ve read. Also, set aside time on weekends to practise answering questions and reviewing what you’ve learned throughout the week.

Do Answer Writing Practice

Due to the descriptive type of the Mains paper, it is critical that you include response writing in your CSE Mains Preparation plan. At the conclusion of the day, attempt to summarise what you’ve read in your own words. Set aside an hour each day to practise composing answers. To obtain a good picture of where you stand, get your responses assessed by your mentors or superiors. Don’t worry if your responses aren’t perfect at first. As they say, practice makes perfect, so write as many answers as you can.

Give Regular Mock Tests

Mock tests are now crucial since they provide you with an exam-like experience and train you to write your best solutions in a difficult exam setting. As a result, you should never take mockery for granted. Consider it a chance to learn about the answer-writing process and to produce short, crisp replies in response to the questions’ demands.

So, following the 5-step UPSC Mains Preparation method that we propose, this is how to prepare for CSE Mains. We’ve spoken about how to prepare for the UPSC Mains before and after the Prelims. Take this as motivation to devise your own exam-cracking technique. For your preparation, you may rely on UPSC Pathshala courses and study materials.

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Questions for Answer Writing Practice Set 1

Here are some questions for your practice:

# As a nation, it is time to focus on our quality of food, rather than quantity. Suggest measures to achieve this goal.

# Without concrete financial commitments, global climate change summits have turned into fancy talk shops. Suggest ways to change this unfortunate reality.

# The task of reorganizing the states in India is still unfinished. Do you agree? Elucidate with examples.

# India’s tourism and hospitality sector may hold the key towards solving the long pending unemployment problems in the country. Discuss.

# India’s geodiversity, or a variety of the geological and physical elements of nature, is unique. Preserving this geological heritage is as important as safeguarding biodiversity and cultural heritage. Discuss.

# Evaluate the need for the constitutional ‘Right to Health for all’.

# The U.S. appears to be outlining a softer focus for Quad. Evaluate.

Questions for Answer Writing Practice Set 2

# In pursuing its Indo-_Pacific strategy, India needs to be mindful of the China_-U.S. equations in the region. Analyse.

# Overall decrease in the area under snow in Himachal Pradesh will have devastating consequences on the region. Discuss.

# Why are natural gas prices soaring? How will it affect the world and India? Examine.

# Despite a basic structure, Indian federalism needs institutional amendment to be democratically federal. Critically evaluate.

# Examine the need to infuse public health into Indian medical education.

# Indian agriculture is in need of a data revolution but technological fixes and agribusiness investments alone will not be enough to improve farmers’ livelihoods. Critically examine.

# The malaria vaccine must-see speedy implementation from the lab to the field. Comment.

# The World Trade Organization is facing an existential crisis. Do you agree? Elucidate.

# India’s path to power will be affected by the geopolitical and economic centres of gravity now shifting to Asia. Examine.

Questions for Answer Writing Practice Set 3

# Critically evaluate the proposed guidelines on microfinance brought out recently by the RBI.

# The formation of the AUKUS security grouping spells opportunities but also possible unique challenges which New Delhi can ill_-afford to ignore. Examine.

# In forest restoration, the participation of local communities and adequate financing and incentives are essential. Elucidate.

# India needs to reconsider the plethora of regional and global alliances it is in and rationalise them after a reality check. Critically evaluate.

# India and China need to restore normalcy along the border before cooperating on other issues. Examine.

# With an alarming escalation in global hunger unfolding, reaching the goal of an equitable livelihood is a necessity. Comment.

# Decision to end retrospective taxation will help the Centre project India as an investor-friendly destination Comment

# In the light of negotiations on the proposed FTA talks between India and Australia, liberalizing investment regimes would result in valuable economic benefits for both countries.


Since the exam has ended, candidates have started searching for the UPSC  answer key 2021 online. Within a week, if not sooner, the official UPSC 2021 answer paper will be issued. Despite this, unauthorised answers are likely to be accessible by the evening of the examination day. The solutions were prepared by academic coaching schools and renowned online instructors.

Get ready for UPSC Mains with UPSC Pathshala, check out the courses and study materials now.

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