Keeping the covid 19 situations in mind and the start of the secowhatnd wave which has ruined and shook the whole of India. Many exams in India have been postponed and cancelled. Every commodity from the administration to a person is concerned about the consequence that COVID-19 will have on the undertakings in India. Whether it is the working of the organizations or the research, everything is now a big question mark.
Aspirants all over India are worried about their examinations and their future because, without a certificate of your education, no one will get a job that means no earning. UPSC aspirants are also in the same situation and there is again a question rising that UPSC prelims might be postponed. Read the whole article to get the right information.

Chances of UPSC Prelims being Postponed 

IAS 2021 announcement and the petition were broadcasted on March 4 for 712 vacancies. IAS Prelims 2021 Exam is planned to be administered on June 27. The IAS Main Exam 2021 will be administered from September 17. The IAS announcement 2021 was hampered by 22 days because of the request pending in Supreme Court.
Union Public Service Commission has instructed the Supreme Court that the October 4 date for administering the Civil services preliminary exam 2020 cannot be postponed on account of COVID19 as it would direct to postponing the following year’s prelims too planned for June 27, 2021. This statement was given by the court but, now the chances of postponement are thick.

Will the UPSC Exam be Postponed? 

Provided are some of the news that might keep you all updated and alert.

Number One

# The petition which was proposed by aspirants for UPSC prelims 2020 and 2021 be held simultaneously, was rejected.
SC has rejected the recommendation of merging the 2020, and 2021 UPSC Prelims examinations. The court has also pointed out the act as a major effect on other exams which will be conducted by UPSC and in this situation it is not at all desirable. The official statement was also agreed upon by the UPSC and the date is not going to be postponed.

Number Two

# UPSC Prelims admit cards to be acceptable in local hotels.
To stimulate the aspirants appearing for the assessment, SC has remarked that the UPSC admit card would be acceptable for aspirants to be acknowledged to local hotels near sub-centres. UPSC has been inquired to notify governments for the similar.

Number Three

# No recommendation on authorizing COVID19 patients, UPSC may formulate special configurations
The Supreme Court has summoned UPSC and has also informed them to take different and strict actions for the precautions and health of the aspirants. The SC has also stated that aspirants who are suffering or surviving from coronavirus have to follow different guidelines for the examination.

Number Four

# All configurations for UPSC Prelims put together, anything else would be self-defeating
The Supreme Court is not in the favour of postponing the examination. It has regardless of the questions respecting age limit and last undertaking and asks UPSC to make requirements for the equivalent. When acknowledged that 6 attempts are authorized, SC points out that ordinary situations cannot be associated with a pandemic.

Covid 19 Effects 

Thousands of candidates are nudging an online request that puts forward scepticisms over going forward with the annual UPSC exam which was held on 4 October 2020. Then there were also petitions raised to postpone the exam and now we see the same scenario when the exam is expected to be on June 27 2021.
They retained illustrated the disturbances influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic to indicate that this year’s exam will be integrated with the 2021 activity.
The mails on request this year, they said, should consequently be expanded to the ones instructed for the 2021 exam.
On Saturday 2 May 2021, India had crossed 6.6 lakh effective Covid-19 cases, with 18 lakh convalescences and 49,036 demises.
“The number of cases of Covid-19 is not plateauing. Even the vaccine is not available as of date. In these times of uncertainty where the pandemic is inching towards three million and started spreading beyond cities, we feel unsafe to take up any assignment that requires movement beyond our native place,” the petition adds.

UPSC Notification 

Date of Notification 04/03/2021
Date of Commencement of Examination 27/06/2021
Duration of Examination One Day
Last Date for Receipt of Applications 24/03/2021 – 6:00pm
Date of Upload 04/03/2021
Download Notification Notice

The few for the examination have been uploaded on the official website.

UPSC Preparation Tips 

# A large syllabus and numerous topics make it impossible for you to recollect all that you learnt. To prepare that you can remember all you learnt, you should amend frequently and perennial.
# Your IAS practice should retain an additional priority on recent affairs, which is the entire essence of the UPSC civil services exam. This is no contrary undertaking as you have to search the magazines daily to maintain abreast of the delinquent national and international information.


You should relate to UPSC NCERT books for accumulating the basis whether you are going to build a foundation of chronology subject, you should opt for History NCERT for UPSC. For political topics, you should opt for Polity NCERT for UPSC.
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We hope you have got all your answers, as per the covid restrictions the UPSC will be taking all the precautions and the health of the aspirants will be kept in mind and a decision will be taken. Till then UPSC pathshala is always there for your preparation, strategies and tips to prepare for the examination and boost your scores in the examination, all the best for your exams and keep stress away, stay mentally positive and physically negative from covid. Any doubts, suggestions, queries or questions, please feel free to write them down in the comment section.

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