A mock interview is a conversational exercise that provides a simulated experience of a real interview. Now, we are all intrigued about the question — What is a mock interview in UPSC?

The UPSC mock interview is an emulation interview by a panel of professional experts to prepare the candidate for the actual UPSC interview.

The motto of this mock interview for UPSC is to help the candidates assess their performance. They get to know about their weaknesses and strong points.

Let’s understand mock interview importance for UPSC. The interview of the UPSC is also called the personality test. It is for 275 marks. The total marks are calculated by adding both the marks obtained from writing the exam and the personality test.

The candidate needs to perform well in the interview as the final merit depends on the personality test too.

Qualities to Crack the Mock Interview in UPSC

The UPSC aspirants need to possess fine qualities to score the desired marks.

  • They need to be intelligent with a striking personality.
  • Should have great communication skills.
  • Should know how to present themselves in front of the panel.
  • They should be well versed in current affairs and social issues.
  • Have a logical and crisp approach to a situation.
  • Must have a balanced sense of judgment and have leadership qualities.
  • Should have moral integrity.
  • Should not be prejudiced and must be agile in making quick decisions.
  • The ability to work under pressure is a must for the candidates.

UPSC Mock Interview Advantages

  1. The mock interview in UPSC provides a simulated interview experience of a real UPSC interview.
  2. The mock interview prepares the candidates to handle the pressure of an interview. It reduces the candidate’s anxiety and stress.

They try to answer the questions asked by the skilled interviewer and get feedback on whether their answer was suitable or not.

  1. The UPSC mock interview prepares the UPSC aspirant in advance.
  2. You get to prepare for the personality test in a low-stress environment.
  3. The experienced panel of individuals provides constructive feedback to the candidates so that they can work on their shortcomings and be successful in landing their dream job.
  4. The mock interview helps to boost the confidence of the candidate by directing the aspirants’ attention towards his/her strengths.

In return, the candidate gets aware of his/her strengths which helps him/her to perform better in the personality test.

  1. The UPSC mock interview prepares the aspirant for behavioral-based interview questions.
  2. The candidate gets to know his/her weaknesses and strengths.
  3. The mock interview is beneficial for improving the answering methodologies in the actual interview of UPSC.
  4. The mock interviews help to implement confidence in body language.
  5. The mock interviews provide a prior knowledge about the questions that might get asked in the actual UPSC interview.
  6. Mock interview familiarizes the candidate with the possible intensity of a real UPSC interview.

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Mock Interview Options

Practicing mock interviews is very essential to crack the real UPSC interview. Hence one should utilize all the available resources and ensure to get the best outcome. The UPSC mock interview options are as follows.

Coaching Centers

A lot of coaching institutes offer the necessary support to conduct the mock interview. They have a panel of individuals who have diverse expertise in different fields, jobs, and duties related to the UPSC exam.

This includes subject matter experts, experienced and knowledgeable faculty members, psychoanalysts, and others.

Other Help:

  • Chances are that you may have someone in your acquaintance who has the necessary experience and expertise to conduct UPSC mock interviews for you.
  • It is always beneficial to discuss with friends and family members about the current affairs and the ongoing social activities in society. This prepares the candidate regularly before going for the interview.
  • Reading newspapers, different books, and magazines are always advantageous for the candidate.

Some of the Possible Questions Covered in the Mock Interviews

  • What are his/ her hobbies?
  • Why did the candidate decide to take up the UPSC exam?
  • About the current topics.
  • What if the candidate doesn’t get his/her desired state?
  • Why did the candidate want to become an IAS, IPS, or IFS officer?
  • About his/her educational background.
  • The knowledge level of the candidate around his/her profession.
  • About the career choices.
  • Questions about primary schools, parks, adjoining districts nearby their areas.
  • Famous political event related to his/her city.
  • About the politicians with a criminal record.
  • The different types of taxes and the GST impact.
  • About women empowerment, women reservation in the parliament.

Success can only be achieved with practice. Practice makes a man perfect! So, take advantage of the mock interviews and achieve your desired goal.

After completion of the mock interviews, don’t forget to implement the feedback constructively. This will undoubtedly help you to land the job of your dreams. Having a personal mentor to prepare for UPSC is the best way to ensure steady development.

Personal mentors at UPSC Pathshala are experts who help to improve in weak areas, solve doubts and keep track of progress. They have trained tens of thousands of contenders.

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