UPSC organises the Combined Medical Services Examination (CMSE) each year to enlist medical graduates into a wide range of Central Government Organizations and Services. The Combined Medical Services Examination (CMSE) is undertaken in compliance with the applicable rules compiled by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in the Parliament of India.

UPSC Medical Services

The UPSC holds a Combined Medical Services Examination (CMSE) to occupy the following positions:

 Assistant Divisional Medical Officer in the Railways.

Assistant Divisional Medical Officer in Indian Ordnance Factories Health Services.

Junior Scale Posts in Central Health Services.

General Duty Medical Officer in New Delhi Municipal Council.

General Duty Medical Gr.-II in East Delhi Municipal Corporation, North Delhi Municipal Corporation and South Delhi Municipal Corporation.

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UPSC Combined Medical Services Salary

The starting salary for UPSC CMS will be Rs. 56100. However, the UPSC CMS salary will vary depending on the role. The Assistant Divisional Med Officer in the Railways will be paid between Rs. 15600 and Rs. 39100 every month.

UPSC Medical Services Duties and Responsibilities

The UPSC CMS job roles are as follows:

Must serve for a minimum of 4 years in any Defence Service or post related to India’s defence, plus time spent in school.

He will visit the indoor hospitals and the outpatient department on a regular basis and when required.

He may conduct a physical examination of applicants and current workers in accordance with the applicable regulations.

In his jurisdiction, he will be in charge of family planning, public health, and sanitation.

He’ll be in charge of vendor inspections.

He would be in control of the Hospital Health Unit Staff’s professionalism and performance of duties.

UPSC Medical Services: Perks and Benefits

Pensions and service charges would be given to the candidates as decided by the Council from period to period.

Based on their background, applicants may have the ability to progress to higher grades.

The rules of the Railway Med Services Recruitment Rules, 2000, as well as the directions and instructions given by the Ministry of Railway from time – to – time would govern the pay scales and benefits added to the top grades.

Candidates may take leave whenever they want, as long as they obey the rules for taking leave.

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Probation Period of UPSC CMS Officer

Junior Scale Post

Applicants for this role would be on a 2-year probationary term. They may also be fired during their probationary period at the regulatory authority’s option.

General Duty Medical Officer

Applicants for this role would be on a 2-year probationary term. They will most likely be disqualified if they are unable to work properly during their probationary period, at the discretion of the regulatory authority. East Delhi Municipal Corporation, North Delhi Municipal Corporation, and South Delhi Municipal Corporation all have General Duty Medical Officer Gr. II positions. For the next 2 years, the applicant for this role will be on probation. If he does not perform well throughout his probation, the prevailing authority has the authority to remove him.

UPSC Combined Medical Services Preparation

Proper Time Management: UPSC Medical Exam

Establish a research time table in your regular schedule to make the majority of your time for learning as tension-free as possible.

It’s a great idea to plan your learning time on a regular basis in order to proceed; this will keep you on top of what you need to do when and how much time you have remaining to cover the entire syllabus.

Having a schedule is important for efficiently managing your time and keeping track of it. When making a plan, try to leave time in between to calm your mind by engaging in other activities.

Get Rid of Social Media

Mobile phones are one of the most distracting factors in a student’s life. We all know that mobile phones are essential for everyone because they enable us to access all data, but they can also be a major source of distraction.

Social networking sites such as WhatsApp, Twitter, and Snapchat are not only sources of distraction for students, but they have also been shown to cause tension, depression. If you’re having trouble getting rid of your mobile phone, try deleting your social media applications.

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Check Out Previous Question Papers

Since the question paper does not change each year, resolving the previous year’s sample papers can be very beneficial. Collect question papers from the previous three years and attempt to answer them in a specified period of time. Offer it your all and try to finish your paper in the time allotted.

Tackling these papers will provide you with an idea of what to expect on your final exam and will help you understand the technique and pattern for answering the questions. You will also get a sense of the duration of the paper that will appear in the final test, which will reduce the exam anxiety.

Stay Away from Stress: UPSC Medical Exam

It’s a disaster the day before the test. On that specific day, you are most afraid of your test, and this can have a negative impact on your exam. This fear destroyed the self-assurance you’d acquired from working so hard to plan.

Stressing out before an exam will keep you up all night, so make sure you go over the whole curriculum before that night. Simply don’t overthink things and have faith in your abilities.

Eat Health

Exam planning can be highly stressful, so what food could we eat throughout that time? It is normal to drink coffee or tea during tests, but this can be detrimental to a student since caffeine can increase a person’s stress level.

Instead, eat more nutritious foods such as almonds, pistachios, dark chocolate, and candy canes. These snacks are both mood-lifting and delicious. Black tea can also help to relieve stress and boost metabolism. Only try to feed in moderation and not too much.


Last but not the least, choose your medical science optional subject wisely. You must select it on the basis of your strength and weakness. The UPSC optional subjects list includes Medical Science, which is one of 48 subjects. The UPSC medical science optional syllabus centres on applicants’ interpretation of fundamental principles and application of experience to patient-related issues.

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