The third and (or) the final stage of the UPSC exam is the personal interview test. This interview holds 275 marks for civil service examination writers. Most toppers get higher scores in the interview test rather than their written exam.

Personality test or interview is very high scoring if done in the right way. You may wonder where is the UPSC interview conducted? The answer to that is UPSC office in Dholpur house situated in Delhi. There will be different boards that will conduct the interview in a specified manner.

IAS Interview

Students need to clear both written examination rounds before being eligible for the final interview round. The first round is the prelims examination, and the second is the mains examination. Once students clear both the exams they will get a letter for the interview call. This letter will have the date and time of the interview. This letter may be received online now due to the coronavirus but nothing can be predicted, make sure you are well notified about any updates regarding the exam.

Candidates need to submit a form after being selected for the final interview. This form is called the Attestation Form. You will need to submit a few certificates along with 6 passport size photographs of yourself. This form has to be submitted within 10 days of receiving the call letter. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification from the IAS interview.

How to Prepare for IAS Interview?

Preparing for the IAS interview itself is a very tough job. Many toppers have done well in the final interview and that is why they have scored so well.

Preparing for the interview is very important. Students need to use their DAF form well. Most questions can be based on the DAF form.

The board is highly experienced and they will definitely catch any lie. The best way to prepare for the interview is, to be honest. Being honest is the best way to prepare for the exam.

Develop speaking skills and confidence in public speaking. These skills will help you to impress the board more. The ability to speak well is very important, so keep working on speaking skills.

Take the interview very seriously and prepare for it in that way. Make sure you have a very positive attitude and believe every word you say. Portray your ideas with confidence even though they may not be popular.

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Tips for Interview

Like already mentioned, never lie in the interview. The board will definitely catch your lies and this may lead to a bad marking. Avoid lying no matter what.

Keep up with current affairs even after the exam. There is a high possibility of being questioned on current affairs. Make sure to keep up the same enthusIASm after writing the exam too.

Keep your points direct. Do not look to create stories in order to answer a question. Think about each question in detail and look to answer exactly what they ask. If you do not know the answer to a question, be honest and tell them that you do not know. There is no shame in that, whatsoever!


Do you wonder where the UPSC interview conducted? Then the answer to that is in the Dholpur house that is situated in Delhi.

Preparing for the final interview is very important and will play a very big role in determining your final rank. This article provides you with tips for the final interview.

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Where is UPSC Interview Conducted? Know the Details about the Final Interview of UPSC
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