Most people that write the UPSC exam have only one goal in mind, that is to become an IAS officer. The Indian Administrative Service is one of the most sought out jobs in the nation as of now.

This article will talk about why IAS is the best job and talk about the IAS officer’s salary, IAS officer’s house and more. So let’s dive in!

Is IAS a Good Career Option?

If you are wondering is IAS a good career option, then the answer to that is Yes. IAS is one of the most prestigious jobs one can get and it is well respected throughout the country. Most UPSC writers wish to become an IAS officer.

The main reason to become an IAS officer is the respect the officer gets and also the salary of an IAS officer and other perks. IAS officers can make real changes in the governing of many government bodies and help the development of the nation in many ways.

So hopefully you have found an answer to the question is IAS a good career option?

IAS Salary

One of the most important factors in deciding any job is the salary the person is going to receive from the job. An IAS officer’s salary is very high and also not the only thing he or she gets for their job.

The salary of an IAS officer depends on the post he or she is in and the duration they have spent in the field. There are different pay scales depending on those factors.

Number of years in service Pay level Basic pay in INR
1-4 10 56,100
5-8 11 67,700
9-12 12 78,800
13-16 13 1,18,500
16-24 14 1,44,200
25-30 15 1,82,200
30-33 16 2,05,400
34-36 17 2,25,000
37+ years 18 2,50,000

This salary is based on the hike of the 7th pay commission. Along with basic salary, a daily allowance is also given. This daily allowance is set by the government and changes it every year.


An IAS officer also gets a lot of Government provided perks. They receive free government housing; they receive a government vehicle for travelling, their medical bills are reimbursed, they get a personal secretary at all times and if necessary a bodyguard too.

Upon retirement, IAS officers will receive a pension and other retirement benefits too. All electricity and communication costs are also covered. If an officer is on duty, they can use any government bungalow or rest-house

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How to Prepare for IAS

Now that you know why IAS is a desirable option, learn how to become an IAS officer.

First and foremost, start to understand the syllabus of the exam. The syllabus is very wide and can be very tough to cover in a short time. Start to work on your syllabus at least one year in advance as it will help you to cover all the necessary topics.

Your main goal is to focus on the prelims examination as it will come before and requires qualification in order to write the second exam.


Revision is a very important aspect of your exam. Many students do not give revision a lot of importance, but this can be the key difference between scoring good and scoring excellent.

Many toppers revise more than they study. The revision will help them cover main topics more than a single time and also will help them cover any weakness.

Students should look to revise at least 1 time a week and should look to take revision tests every month or even every week.

UPSC Material

It is a common belief that reading more books will help them to score higher marks. This is not exactly true. Reading too many books will cause a big problem, as students will need to cover more topics in the same amount of time.

Most books have similar content, just the style of writing and explanation is different. Students should look to use fewer sources and should focus on revising more from the sources. Every source has its own merits and demerits, so it is recommended to do research before buying books.

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Most people write the UPSC exam in order to become an IAS officer, but if you are wondering or are confused, then this article will tell you why IAS is the best job UPSC has to offer.

Along with salary and perks, the respect one gains from this job is very high, but these should not be the only driving force in deciding to take up the job. This job requires serious dedication and is service-oriented, so candidates need to work very hard too!

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