Every year, lakhs of candidates participate in the UPSC exam to join the esteemed civil services, out of which only about 80-90 candidates are qualified to join the administrative services. The UPSC Civil Services Exam is considered to be one of the country’s toughest exams and the only gateway to entering the respected civil services. But you know that apart from a strong and elite job role, the IAS officer also enjoys a decent salary package but does the IAS officer get salary during training? All your questions about the salary of the IAS officer during training will be answered so stay tuned!

The main duty of the IAS officer is to manage all government affairs in India. This trail session involves the development and implementation of the policy. The IAS officer also represents the Indian government on an international level. . IAS officers also have to deal with district affairs, including all management roles.

What’s the IFS Training like?

IAS training session is the first step IAS officer takes to make their dream come true. IAS preparation process is loaded with lots of excitement, and fulfilment. This session is a joint training session for all officers whether you are IFS, IAS, or IPS. All officers will experience a 3-month training at the LBSAA (Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration) foundation. The main objective of this session is to develop a working knowledge of the country’s constitutional, political, socio-economic, and legal structure. Another incentive is to build cooperation between groups of various public services.

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What is The Salary of an IAS Officer During the Training Period?

Many people wonder does IAS officer gets salary during training? The answer is yes. They get paid approximately Rs. 56,000. But during their IAS  training period at the Academy (LBSNAA), Mussoorie, an officer trainee receives less than this at the end of each month. Since the Academy is basically paying probationers on behalf of their state cadres and paying them in the manner of stipend. This is further minimized in the academy due to the paying of mess food, bills that may be as high as Rs 9000 a month, payments for LBNAA apparels and uniforms, and other activities such as shopping for your personal needs. Although the academy does offer advances for treks and tours officers end up paying from their pockets too. After deducting all the expenditure IAS trainee salary is around 35-40k every month.

Post Training Period

After the completion of training, you are posted either at an Indian embassy or an Indian consulate for a time phrase of three years, The initial salary is approximately Rs,8000 not including the grade pay. As the rank of the officer increases, the salary automatically increases as well as the grade pay. Apart from the salary, the officer enjoys perks such as 2bhk apartment, free electricity/phone bills, and if they are posted abroad then they get a minimum of $4000 which is about Rs. 2, 40, 000/.

What Happens after the Completion of LBSNAA Training?

After three months of coaching, including training in various disciplines, including foreign language, horse riding, and hiking in the Himalayas, the  IFS Trainer is transferred to the New Delhi Foreign Service Institute for more training.

At the Foreign Service Institute in New Delhi, situated on the JNU campus, the Foreign Service Probationer has to train for one year in the International Relations, Indian Foreign Service Pay, Leave and Compensatory Allowance, and Foreign Trade modules. One also visits the adjacent countries of South Asia or to the United Nations to understand the workings of the Indian mission.

After completion of training at the Foreign Service Institute, the Foreign Service trainee is assigned to the Department of External Relations for a period of six months for on-the-job training.


The life of an IFS officer is indeed a very happening and fascinating life! You get to meet diplomats from various countries, developing countries, backward countries, neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Nepal and get to exchange creative ideas. An IFS officer gets to explore and live their lives in capital cities. Whether developed or in the developing world, the best facilities of the country are in the capital. Hence, the standard of life is satisfactory,  whether it is facilities, environment, or children’s education.

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