Everyone in their lives at some point requires a mentor who can guide them and push their inner abilities to achieve their desired goal. Similarly in order to fulfil your goal of becoming IPS or IAS officer, one needs a helping hand. Fortunately in India, we have numerous coaching institutes to choose from. Each has its own USPs and all you need to do is tap into the right one! As you all know IPS/IAS falls under the umbrella of the UPSC exam which lakhs of aspirants try their luck on. It is indeed the most competitive one but if you crack it, you will be overwhelmed with the number of perks and benefits it comes with. Today you will be introduced to the best IPS coaching institutes in India and your job will be to shortlist a few that you think will mentor you in your IPS training. Let’s begin!

List of Best IAS Coaching in India That People Swear By

Finding the right coaching is an essential part of UPSC preparation. While choosing the right institute you need to keep in mind various aspects like reviews, fees, success rate, accessibility, content, and much more. Here are the top 5 best-reviewed institutes located in the metropolitan cities. Take a look:

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UPSC Pathshala- Online Most Thriving Platform

Apart from the excellent reviews, UPSC Pathshala has definitely made it to the list as the number one coaching platform for online users. Why? This course focuses on both the prelims and the main UPSC exam and has more than 400 hours of video material explaining the topics of GS Paper 1,2,3 and 4. And 700 hours of video material while considering General Studies, Current Affairs, and CSAT. What more?

You are assigned a personal mentor who evaluates your performance and results twice a week and keeps you on track. UPSC Pathshala even offers a free trial so what are you waiting for?

Plutus IAS Academy- Hyderabad

Plutus IAS Academy is Hyderabad’s best IAS Coaching in India. Plutus IAS Academy in Hyderabad is part of the Premier IAS Coaching Center for IAS Officer Exam Preparation. It offers IAS mains coaching. Coaching seeks to build a competitive mindset along with a sound academic and quality teaching base. With outstanding reviews and rankings, you can definitely trust this one!

Vedanta IAS Academy- Delhi

Vedanta is one of the leading academics that aims to provide high-quality education and direction to developing minds. Their success mantra is knowing about the syllabus and finishing it through time management. The team has experience in the field and has successfully cleared their competitive exams so that they can lead the students in the right direction. It is a fairly new academy that started in 2014 and managed to earn a good ranking in a quicker manner. Due to its high placement success rate of about 60% for IAS applicants, you should definitely check it out!

Analog Institute- Bangalore

It is a leading IPS coaching centre in Bangalore. This IPS Academy has been awarded the finest faculty with an outstanding team of highly qualified leaders. The analogue academy is not only pleasant but has a positive impact on their students. Analog offers detailed study material and an impressive collection of mock-tests. What you need, you’ll find it here. Analog IAS is the ideal forum for all worthy aspirants. especially for those who can’t afford high-end institutes for IPS training as their fee structure is low compared to others.

Apti Plus Academy- Kolkata

This academy is surely Kolkata’s best IPS coaching in India. It has won the best coaching institute award two times, one in 2017 and another in 2019. This program is considered to be unique as there are a variety of courses that aspirants can choose from, the batch sizes are smaller, has a library in which the students have access to all sorts of material and the class schedules are also flexible. Here the aspirants get the same highly skilled and professional faculty community that they teach in the best training institutes of Delhi. All in all a perfect academy for IPS/IAS candidates.


Every great story, the highest accomplishments, had a beautiful dream behind it.  And if you dream of becoming an IPS/IAS officer then coaching institutes is a key factor that can bring you a step closer to your dream. Therefore, invest in a good coaching institute that can shape your future and attain your goals. Till then good luck!

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Best IPS Coaching In India: Finest Hand-picked Coaching Institutes for You!
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