Which Stream is Best for IAS after the 10th? Check-out the Best Subject, Stream & the Right Age


How to Become IAS Officer After 12th

The most desired job in India is the Indian Administrative Services or IAS. Lakhs of aspirants prepare tirelessly every year to find a position in the elite governmental services that help run the nation. Indian administrative officer is a rare career choice not just for its experience and challenges, but also for the reach of bringing meaningful improvements in the lives of millions in India. As a student who plans to become an IAS  need to find out which stream is best for IAS after 10th and also which subject is best for IAS preparation.

How to Become an Indian Administrative Officer?

In order to become an IAS officer, you need to clear the civil service exam which is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). There are three parts to an exam. First is the preliminary examination, the second is mains and last is an interview or personality test. If you can clear all these rounds, you will have to go through a three-month training at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration.

From there on, you will be allocated service based on various factors.

If you’re passionate about becoming an IAS officer you might consider which streams to choose from after the 10th.

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At What Age You Should Start Preparing for IAS?

Many students who are born to a family of civil servants, like their older family members, are also motivated to become government workers. Family children with such backgrounds begin studying for the IAS Exam shortly after completing the 10th board exam of the class. 16 years is the perfect age for appearing in the 10th board exam class. In order to become an Indian administrative officer, such students find adequate time to understand the IAS selection process and the qualifications required.

Starting IAS training at such a young age helps them to create a much stronger base for IAS Exam. In the phase, they have to study from NCERT books in the schools and can help them prepare for IAS at the same time. Now how to prepare for IAS after the 10th?

They need to begin by choosing an ideal stream which will be useful for them later on.

Which Stream to go for IAS after Doing Your 10th?

A student who has decided to pursue the UPSC Civil Services Exam, moving to class 11 or joining a graduate course, typically faces a decision dilemma about which stream to select, i.e. between Science, Commerce, and Humanities (Arts)?

While it is believed that it is not the stream but the candidate’s approach to examination that increases the likelihood of success, there is no denying the fact that students of humanities definitely have an edge in studying subjects that are repeated topics across all stages of the CSE.

Although the Prelims are merely a stepping stone, the Mains are considered to be the stage that makes or breaks the selection. Looking at the subjects for the General Study Papers, one sees a definite benefit in a student of the Arts who has already prepared them in school. It’s going to be a quick revision for them, while others would have to study these subjects from scratch.

Which Subject is the Best for IAS?

If you go through the UPSC syllabus you will get to know that the Art stream offers most of these subjects and also include the subjects which are available as optional subjects. Here is a list of subjects:

  • Economics
  • History
  • Geography
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Public administration
  • English

All these subjects form the syllabus of UPSC so they all are equally important, there is no one such subject which is considered to be the best.

Begin Your UPSC Preparation After 10th

The earlier you start the more time you will have for your preparation. The first thing should be to know the UPSC syllabus. Here you will find the syllabus in a detailed format.

The second optimal thing should be going through the exam patterns and pace your work accordingly. Then you should make a Time table and assign deadlines for each topic to make your process productive. Also, try to include habits such as reading newspapers every day, making notes on relevant topics in your lifestyle. These small things can make a huge impact on your preparation and you will feel prepared the day of the exam.

How to Become IAS Officer After 12th?

The minimum educational qualification required for the IAS is graduation. You need to have a degree from a reputed institute to try the UPSC  exam every year. So the first step after completing the 12th class is choosing a course and enrolling yourself in a college/university.

Does that mean that you have to study for the IAS exam after your graduation? No, definitely not! If you’ve just finished your schooling and are sure of your ambition to become an IAS / IPS officer and serve the country, start planning your UPSC exam right now! Don’t wait until you become 21 or achieve a degree.

Which Degree is the Best for IAS?

A solid graduation degree helps in the training of IAS. In our discussions with Indian Administrative Service Toppers, many of them indicated that there should be a direct correlation between the graduation degree and the optional subject chosen in the IAS Main Exam. No optional subject is better than the other, but it is the ability to write, the responses written by the candidates that make the difference.

It is mandatory that you choose one optional subject and that subject will have two papers making up for 500 marks in total. So instead of just choosing any random degree, it makes sense to choose a degree that can also be your optional subject. There is a big list from which you can choose. For example, Zoology, physics, economics, botany. If for some reason you do not want to choose from this list. There is one more list of only languages such as Hindi, Kashmiri, English, Punjabi, and many more.

Going with Your Passion

While choosing for the optional subject it makes sense to choose the one which you enjoy the most. After all, you will be devoting 3-4 years in that field so it has it be worth your time and effort. So there is not really the best degree available for IAS, it depends on your interest and the manner in which you approach the questions eventually.

Tips While You’re Still In College

  • Extra-Curricular activities- This is the golden opportunity to enhance those extracurricular activities. In the future, you need to write a few activities in your detailed application form for IAS and later on (interview round) you might be asked questions on your mentioned extracurricular activities. That is why you need to focus on enhancing your skills like acting or else you would have nothing to say during the interview round. 
  • Finishing 1-2 subjects during summer break- During the summer holidays, there will be a lot of plenty of time so in this period they can move a couple of subjects out of the way and focus on the other subjects. This is also a good period to enrol yourself in IAS coachings as you won’t have time constraints as such. 


Preparing for IAS is a long and tiring process. You need to constantly remind yourself to remain positive and calm. As one tends to loose its inner tranquillity with so much information thrown at them. Hence, it is crucial to understand that your entire life does not depend on this one IAS exam, you will get many attempts along the way but not taking care of your mental and physical health can cause damage in the long term. You can get to know more about it here.

Hopefully, here in this blog, you have found all the answers you were looking for which group is best after 10th for IAS. Do comment in the below section sharing your views about it.

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Which Stream is Best for IAS after the 10th? Which Subject is Best for IAS?
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