Hindi, though not a national language of India, it is an official language of the country. Hindi also happens to be the mother tongue of more than 40% of Indian population. Indians, overseas, are known as Hindi speaking people. But, the recent statistics of CSE show a decline in number of candidates appearing the examination in Hindi language. English is also an official language of India and a lot of aspirants are switching from medium Hindi to medium English. The aspirants have the fear, that, they may not qualify the CSE in hindi medium and therefore switch to english medium.
However, one must keep in mind that, if there are few candidates appearing the examination in Hindi medium, there may arise a possibility of having no Hindi speaking Civil Servants in the Indian administration system. As per the UPSC CSE statistics, the students appearing in Hindi medium was more than 40% up to 2010. The change in Prelim Examination pattern in 2011 has impacted the fortunes of Hindi medium candidates and as per the statistics, a record low number of Hindi medium candidates were able to cross the first hurdle. In Prelim 2011, it was expected since the pattern was new, common Hindi Medium candidates found it difficult to understand and majority of Hindi medium candidates had deferred their plans to appear CSE in 2011 due to apprehensions about the new look Prelims particularly about Paper II. But the stretching similar trend in Prelim examination 2012 confirms that as the competition gets stiffer, Hindi medium candidates have not been able to withstand the stress. After the change in Main examination pattern in 2012, the candidates appearing in hindi medium has reduced to as low as 10%. Let us understand the challenges that a Hindi medium candidate faces for appearing CSE in Hindi.
Covering the huge syllabus in Hindi: Many candidates find it difficult to cover the huge syllabus of CSE in Hindi, especially the subjects of Gen. Sci, Ethics, CSAT.
Study Material in Hindi: Study material in Hindi language is not very easily available and majority of good books for CSE are available only in English and not in Hindi. This is one of the biggest hurdle that a hindi medium student faces.
Lectures in Hindi: Coaching in Hindi medium is not very readily available for General Studies and CSAT and if available is either expensive or lacks quality content.
UPSC Pathshala, is providing coaching in Hindi for CSE which will be a boon to all candidates appearing in Hindi Medium. The Hindi course with UPSC Pathshala includes the following:
1. Video lectures: Lectures in Hindi by teachers from Hindi medium and rich in content, covering all the major and difficult concepts of General Studies subjects.
CSAT: Video lectures in Hindi for CSAT, explaining all major and important topics for Paper II of Prelim examination.
2. Test Series: Thousands of practice MCQ questions in Hindi available in the form on multiple test series.
3. Mentorship: A personal mentor to guide the candidates in Hindi medium, who will help solve all the doubts for GS course in Hindi.
The candidates who wish to appear for the CSE in Hindi medium need not worry about the study material (Prelims and Mains) and qualifying the examination as UPSC Pathshala has a rich quality course available in Hindi medium.

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