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Correct Option is Both 1 and 2

"Subordinate or Lower Courts In each district of India there are various types of Subordinate or lower Courts. The Structure and functions of Subordinate Courts are more or less uniform throughout the Country. Designations of courts Connote their functions. They are civil courts, Criminal Courts and revenue Courts. These Courts hear civil cases, criminal cases and revenue cases, respectively. These Courts deal with disputes of Civil or Criminal nature as per the Powers Conferred on them. These Courts have been derived principally from two important Codes prescribing Procedures, 1973 and further strengthened by local statutes. A uniform designation has been brought about in the Subordinate judiciary’s Judicial Officers all over the Country Viz. District or Additional District Judge, Civil Judge (Senior Divisions) and Civil Judge (Junior Division) on the Civil side and on criminal side, sessions judge, Additional Sessions Judge, Chief Judicial Magistrate and Judicial made in existing posts by indicating their equivalent with any of these Categories by all State Government/UT Administrations. Under Article 235 of the Constitution of India, The administrative Control Over the members of Subordinate Judicial Service Vests with the Concerned High Court. Further in exercise of Powers conferred Under pro vision to Article 309 read the with Article 233 and 234 of the Constitution, the State Government Shall frame rules and regulations in Consultation with the high Court Exercising Jurisdiction in relation. Hence both statements are correct."

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