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Correct Option is Both 1 and 2

The Constituent Assembly of India came into existence as per the provisions of Cabinet Mission Plan of May 1946. Its task was to formulate constitution/s for facilitating the appropriate transfer of sovereign power from British authorities to Indian hands. The Assembly was to have proportional representation from existing provincial legislatures and from various princely states. The bulk of these elections was completed by the end of July 1946, under the supervision of Reforms Office under Governor-General (Viceroy). The Assembly was to have three sections: Punjab & North-West, Bengal-Assam and Rest of India. The Constitutions were to be formulated for Indian Union, each Section and for each of the Provinces therein. The Muslim League, which had won the bulk of the 80 Muslim seats and dominated two smaller Sections, chose not to participate so the Assembly never convened separately in sections. Hence both statements are correct.

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