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Correct Option is Both 2 and 3

Article 356 (President’s Rule) 1. It can be proclaimed when the government of a state cannot be carried on in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution due to reasons which may not have any connection with war, external aggression, or armed rebellion. 2. The Parliament can delegate the power to make laws for the state to the President or to any other authority specified by him. So far, the practice has been for the president to make laws for the state in consultation with the members of Parliament from that state. Such laws are known as the President’s Acts. 3. A law made by the Parliament or president or any other specified authority continues to be operative even after the President’s Rule. This means that the period for which such a law remains in force is not co-terminus with the duration of the proclamation. It can be repealed or altered or re-enacted by the state legislature. Hence Option (d) is correct.

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