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Correct Option is Large scale layoff of mill workers.

" In Ahmedabad also, Gandhi ji organized a pure internal campaign, which received less publicity. Ahmadabad was the second largest city of Bombay Presidency. It was a long established commercial centre. Under the British, the cotton industry grew in the city and Ahmadabad became a modern Industrial town of the 20th century.In February March 1918, there was a situation of conflict between the Gujarat Mill owners and workers on the question of Plague Bonus of 1917. The Mill Owners wanted to withdraw the bonus whole the workers demanded a 50% wage hike. The Mill Owners were willing to give only 20% wage hike.In March 1918, under the leadership of Gandhi, there was a strike in the cotton mills. In this strike Gandhi used the weapon of Hunger strike. If Gandhi were not there as a leader of this revolt, may be the shops were picketed, but it was carried out in pure non-violent disciplined way. The result was that the strike was successful and the workers got a 35% wage increase. One more leader of this strike was Anusuya Ben Sarabai, a sister of a rich mill-owner of Ahmadabad, had just returned from a tour of England."

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