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Correct Option is Neither a nor b

Equality before Law: This term is taken from the constitution of England which means; I. Equal treatment for all persons before the court. That is, the law will be blind, it will not see who is standing in the dock; rich or poor. II. There shall not be any privilege for any particular person. It means, everyone will get the same punishment for the same crime. III. No person (be it rich or poor, white or black, minister or servant) shall be above the law. It means the law will be the same for both the minister and the servant. Equal protection of laws: Its provisions have been taken from the Constitution of America. The following provisions are given in it. I. The similar application of the same laws to all persons who are similarly situated. II. Equal treatment under equal circumstances, both in the privileges conferred and liabilities imposed by the laws. III. All persons should be treated equally without any discrimination.

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