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Correct Option is None of the above

The Clouded Leopard National Park of Tripura is India’s first dedicated wildlife park to Clouded Leopards, located inside the Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary. It is home to four species of primate monkey, including Phayre’s langur. The Buxa National Park is one of the Tiger Reserve in West Bengal, located in the Buxa Hills of the hilly area near Bhutan. Located in north-east India, the Similipal Biosphere Reserve lies within two biogeographical regions: the Mahanadian east coastal region of the Oriental realm and the Chhotanagpur biotic province of the Deccan peninsular zone. Volcanic sedimentary rocks are aligned in three concentric rings and accentuate the area’s geologic formations. The highest peak in the Similipal hill range is Khairiburu (1,168 metres). Numerous waterfalls and perennial streams flow into major rivers, such as the Budhabalang, Baitarani and Subarnarekha.

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