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Correct Option is 2 and 3

The Fundamental Duties which were added by the 42nd Amendment Act of the Constitution in 1976, in addition to creating and promoting culture, also strengthen the hands of the legislature in enforcing these duties vis-a-vis the fundamental rights. There is a list of 11 Fundamental Duties under Article 51-A to be obeyed by every Indian citizen under Part-IV A of the Indian Constitution. The Fundamental Duties in the Indian Constitution are inspired by the Constitution of erstwhile USSR. Hence only statement 1 is incorrect. None of the Constitutions of major democratic countries like USA, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and so on specifically contain a list of duties of citizens. Japanese Constitution is, perhaps, the only democratic Constitution in the world which contains a list of duties of citizens. The socialist countries, on the contrary, gave equal importance to the fundamental rights and duties of their citizens. Hence, the Constitution of erstwhile USSR declared that the citizen’s exercise of their rights and freedoms was inseparable from the performance of their duties and obligation. Thus statement 2 and 3 are correct.

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