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Correct Option is 1, 2 and 4 Only

Political and permanent executive - The Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister is generally a civil servant, commonly from the Indian Administrative Service and occasionally from the Indian Foreign Service (for example, P N Haksar in the Indira Gandhi government.). - He/She is the senior-most bureaucrat in, and the administrative head of, the Prime Minister’s Office. - The head of the Civil Services Board is the Cabinet Secretary who is also head of the Cabinet Secretariat, the Indian Administrative Service, and all civil services under the rules of business of the government. - Article 74 provides for a council of ministers with the Prime Minister at the head to aid and advise the President in the exercise of his functions. - In India, unlike in Britain, there is no provision in the Constitution for the system of legal responsibility of a minister. - Moreover, the courts are barred from inquiring into the nature of advice rendered by the ministers to the president. - Deputy Ministers are not given independent charge of ministries/departments. They are attached to the cabinet ministers or ministers of state and assist them in their administrative, political, and parliamentary duties. They are not members of the cabinet and do not attend cabinet meetings.

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