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Correct Option is 1, 2 and 3

Rashbehari Bose was involved in planning the attack on Hardinge. He was also actively involved in the Ghadar Movement. He had fled to Japan in 1915, following the failed revolutionary activities. In Japan, Rashbehari Bose eventually became a naturalised citizen. He made a lot of effort in getting the Japanese interested in the Indian independence movement. He became active in the Pan-Asian circles, founded the Indian Club of Tokyo, and gave lectures on the evils of Western imperialism. Very early itself he was impressed by Subhash Chandra Bose. When the Indian National Army was formed by Mohan Singh in Singapore, Rashbehari Bose was greatly excited and Left Tokyo for South-east Asia. It was at a conference in Bangkok (also under Japanese occupation at the time) that it was decided to place the INA under an Indian Independence League, whose chairman would be Rashbehari Bose himself. He had created the League in 1942 in Tokyo. When Subhash Bose was sought by the Japanese to lead the INA, he was ready for it. He went to Singapore and met Rashbehari Bose, and the latter happily transferred the control and leadership of the Indian Independence League and the INA to Subhash in July, 1943. It must be noted that it was on the organisational spadework done by Rashbehari Bose, that Subhash Bose could build up the Indian National Army. Subhash Bose became, Supreme Commander of the INA on August 25. (In February 1944, after a collapse of the lungs, Rashbehari’s health steadily deteriorated and he died on January 21, 1945, aged 58.)

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