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Correct Option is Both

The Zonal Councils are the statutory bodies. They are established by an Act of the Parliament, that is, States Reorganisation Act of 1956. The act divided the country into five zones (Northern, Central, Eastern, Western and Southern) and provided a zonal council for each zone. Each zonal council consists of the following members: (a) the home minister of Central government. (b) chief ministers of all the States in the zone. (c) Two other ministers from each state in the zone. (d) The administrator of each union territory in the zone. The objectives (or the functions) of the zonal councils 1. To achieve an emotional integration of the country. 2. To help in arresting the growth of acute state-consciousness, regionalism, linguism and particularistic trends. 3. To help in removing the after-effects of separation in some cases so that the process of reorganisation, integration and economic advancement may synchronise. 4. To enable the Centre and states to cooperate with each other in social and economic matters and exchange ideas and experience in order to evolve uniform policies. 5. To cooperate with each other in the successful and speedy execution of major development projects. 6. To secure some kind of political equilibrium between different regions of the country. Hence both statements are correct.

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