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Correct Option is 2 and 3 only

C. Rajagopalachari (CR), the veteran Congress leader, prepared a formula for Congress-League co-operation in 1944. It was a tacit acceptance of the League’s demand for Pakistan. Gandhi supported the formula. The main points in the CR Plan were: ● The Muslim League to endorse the Congress demands for independence. ● The League to co-operate with the Congress in forming a provisional government at centre. ● After the end of the war, the entire population of Muslim majority areas in the North-West and North-East India to decide by a plebiscite, whether or not to form a separate sovereign state. ● In case of acceptance of partition, agreement to be made jointly for safeguarding defence, commerce, communications, etc. ● The above terms to be operative, only if England transferred full powers to India. Objections Jinnah wanted the Congress to accept the two-nation theory. He wanted only the Muslims of North-West and North-East to vote in the plebiscite and not the entire population. He also opposed the idea of a common centre. While the Congress was ready to co-operate with the League for the independence of the Indian Union, the League did not care for independence of the Union. It was only interested in a separate nation. Hindu leaders, led by Vir Savarkar, condemned the CR Plan.

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