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Correct Option is Both 1 and 2

Although the war in Europe came to an end in May 1945, the Japanese threat still remained. The Conservative Government in Britain, led by Churchill, was keen to reach a solution on the constitutional question in India. The Viceroy, Lord Wavell was permitted to start negotiations with the Indian leaders. Congress leaders were released from jails in June 1945. Why the Government was keen on a solution now 1. The general election in England was scheduled for mid-1945. The Conservatives wanted to be seen as sincere on reaching a solution. 2. There was pressure from the Allies to seek further Indian co-operation in the war. 3. The government wanted to divert Indian energies into channels more profitable for the British. The Plan The idea was to reconstruct the Governor-General’s Executive Council pending the preparation of a new Constitution. For this purpose, a Conference was convened by the Viceroy, Lord Wavell, at Shimla in June 1945. The main proposals of the Wavell Plan were as follows: ● With the exception of the Governor-General and the Commander-in-Chief, all members of the Executive Council were to be Indians. ● Caste Hindus and Muslims were to have equal representation. ● The reconstructed Council was to function as an Interim Government within the framework of the 1935 Act (i.e., not responsible to the Central Assembly). ● The Governor-General was to exercise his veto on the advice of the ministers. ● Representatives of different parties were to submit a joint list to the Viceroy for nominations to the Executive Council. If a joint list was not possible, then separate lists were to be submitted. ● Possibilities were to be kept open for negotiations on a new Constitution, once the war was finally won.

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