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Correct Option is A is correct, but R is not an appropriate explanation of A

Justification: Statement A is correct.
• Later, a provision in this regard was made by the 58th Constitutional Amendment Act of 1987. This
amendment inserted a new Article 394-A in the last part of the Constitution
• The reasons for adding the above provisions in the Constitution by the 58th Constitutional Amendment
Act of 1987 are as follows:
• The Constitution of India adopted by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949, was in the
English language.
• A Hindi translation of the Constitution, signed by the members of the Constituent Assembly, was also
published in 1950 under the authority of the President of the Constituent Assembly.
• However, there had been a general demand for the publication of an authoritative text of the
Constitution in Hindi incorporating in it all the subsequent amendments.

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