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Correct Option is 1,2 and 3

Articles 268 to 293 in Part XII of the Constitution deal with Centre-state financial relations. Besides sharing of taxes between the Centre and the states, the Constitution provides for grants-in-aid to the states from the Central resources. Statutory Grants Article 275 empowers the Parliament to make grants to the states which are in need of financial assistance and not to every state. Also, different sums may be fixed for different states. These sums are charged on the Consolidated Fund of India every year(non-vatable by the Parliament). Apart from this general provision, the Constitution also provides for specific grants for promoting the welfare of the scheduled tribes in a state or for raising the level of administration of the scheduled areas in a state including the State of Assam. The statutory grants under Article 275 (both general and specific) are given to the states on the recommendation of the Finance Commission. Hence all statements are correct.

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