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Correct Option is None of the above

The States having bicameral system, the state legislature consists of the governor, the legislative council and the legislative assembly. The legislative council (Vidhan Parishad) is the upper house (second chamber or house of elders), while the legislative assembly (Vidhan Sabha) is the lower house (first chamber or popular house). Constitution provides for the abolition or creation of legislative councils in states. Accordingly, the Parliament can abolish a legislative council or create it,if the legislative assembly of the concerned state passes a resolution to that effect. Creation or abolition of legislative councils is not to be deemed as an amendment of the Constitution for the purposes of Article 368 and is passed like an ordinary piece of legislation (by simple majority). The governor summons each House of state legislature to meet. Maximum gap between the two sessions of state legislature cannot be more than six months, the state legislature should meet at least twice a year. Hence both statements are incorrect.

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