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Correct Option is 1 and 2

"The real work of NPC is done by a smaller body known as the Standing Committee of NPC. The Standing Committee of NPC The Standing Committee of NPC is the permanent body of NPC. It consists of a Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the Secretary-General, and the members. There is no fixed number. The Constitution of China can increase or decrease the number of its members. Thus, the NPC decides the membership. For e.g. in 1978 it consists of 22 Vice-Chairmen and 144 members. The 5th National People’s Congress (February 1978) fixes to 175 members as the strength of the Standing Committee. After the implementation of the 1982 Constitution of China, its member has been varying. In March 1998, its membership was reduced to 134 members. The Standing Committee is responsible to the NPC and is elected by it. Its meetings are presided over by Chairman. The 11th NPC appointed W Banuggu as the Chairman in its meeting in March 2008."

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