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Correct Option is 1 and 3

Council of ministers It is a constitutional body, dealt in detail by the Articles 74 and 75 of the Constitution. Its size and classification are, however, not mentioned in the Constitution. Its size is determined by the prime minister according to the exigencies of the time and requirements of the situation. Its classification into a three-tier body is based on the conventions of parliamentary government as developed in Britain. It has, however, got a legislative sanction. Thus, the Salaries and Allowances Act of 1952 defines a ‘minister’ as a ‘member of the council of ministers, by whatever name called, and includes a deputy minister’. It is collectively responsible to the Lower House of the Parliament. It is a wider body consisting of 60 to 70 ministers. It includes all the three categories of ministers, that is, cabinet ministers, ministers of state, and deputy ministers. It implements the decisions taken by the cabinet. Hence statement 1 and 3 are correct and statement 2 is incorrect.

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