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Correct Option is 1 and 2

The Mission was headed by Stafford Cripps. Lord Privy Seal accompanied him. There were other members from the State Council including leader of the House of Common, etc.The Purpose of Cripps Mission-Following the World War-II, the Cripps Mission had several reasons to come to India. The reasons are given below: Britain suffered many losses in Southeast Asia and Japan’s threat to invade India seemed real for them. Hence, Britain wanted India’s support. Britain was pressurised by the allies (USA, USSR & China) to seek India’s cooperation. Indian nationalists had agreed to support the Allied as they hoped for immediate transfer of substantial power and complete independence after the war. Proposals of Cripps Mission Setting up of an Indian dominion. This dominion would have the freedom to remain with the British Commonwealth or to secede from it. It would also be at liberty to take part in international organisations. A Constituent Assembly would be formed to frame a new constitution for the country. This Assembly would have members elected by the provincial assemblies and also nominated by the princes. Any province unwilling to join the Indian dominion could form a separate union and have a separate constitution. The transfer of power and the rights of minorities would be safeguarded by negotiations between the Constituent Assembly and the British government. In the meantime, until this new constitution came into force, India’s defence would be controlled by the British and the powers of the Governor-General would remain unaltered.

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