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Correct Option is None of the above

The Emergency provisions are contained in Part XVIII of the Constitution, from Articles 352 to 360. National emergency 1. Article 358 suspends Fundamental Rights under Article 19 for the entire duration of Emergency while Article 359 suspends the enforcement of Fundamental Rights for a period specified by the president which may either be the entire duration of Emergency or a shorter period. 2. Article 358 extends to the entire country whereas Article 359 may extend to the entire country or a part of it. 3. Article 358 automatically suspends the fundamental rights under Article 19 as soon as the emergency is declared. On the other hand, Article 359 does not automatically suspend any Fundamental Right. It only empowers the president to suspend the enforcement of the specified Fundamental Rights. 4. Article 358 operates only in the case of External Emergency and Article 359, operates in the case of both External Emergency as well as Internal Emergency. Hence no statement is incorrect.

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