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Correct Option is Simple Majority

Article 368 in Part XX of the Constitution deals with powers of Parliament to amend the Constitution and its procedure. The Constitution can be amended in three ways 1.Amendment by a simple majority of the Parliament 2.Amendment by a special majority of the Parliament 3.Amendment by a special majority of the Parliament and the ratification of half of the state legislatures A number of provisions in the Constitution can be amended by a simple majority (a majority of the members of each House present and voting similar to the ordinary legislative process) of the two Houses of Parliament. These amendments are not deemed to be amendments of the Constitution for the purposes of Article 368. 1.Number of puisne judges in the Supreme Court 2.Elections to Parliament and state legislatures 3.Rules of procedure in Parliament 4.Fifth Schedule, administration of scheduled areas, and scheduled tribes. 5. Sixth Schedule, administration of tribal areas Hence Option (b) is correct.

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