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Correct Option is Only 2

Articles 324 to 329 in Part XV of Constitution make provisions with regard to the electoral system in our country. 1.Only one general electoral roll for every territorial constituency for election to the Parliament and the state legislatures. Thus, the Constitution has abolished the system of communal representation and separate electorates which led to the partition of the country. Hence statement 1 is correct. 2. The recognition granted by Election Commission to parties determines their right to certain privileges like allocation of the party symbols, provision of time for political broadcasts on the state-owned television and radio stations, and access to electoral rolls. Lok Sabha is the first chamber of the parliament and represents the people of India as a whole. The members elected by universal adult suffrage are part of Lok Sabha. The 17th general election to the Lok Sabha was held in 2019. Hence statement 2 is incorrect.

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