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Correct Option is 2 only

Article 25: Freedom of Conscience and Free Profession, Practice and Propagation of Religion Fundamental Right Enshrined: Article 25 says that all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right to freely profess, practice and propagate religion. The implications of this are: Freedom of conscience: Inner freedom of an individual to mould his relation with God or Creatures in whatever way he desires. Right to Profess Declaration of one’s religious beliefs and faith openly and freely. Right to Practice: Performance of religious worship, rituals, ceremonies and exhibition of beliefs and ideas. Right to Propagate: Transmission and dissemination of one’s religious beliefs to others or exposition of the tenets of one’s religion. Scope: Article 25 covers religious beliefs (doctrines) as well as religious practices (rituals). Moreover, these rights are available to all persons—citizens as well as non-citizens.

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