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Correct Option is 1 and 3

The Chinese constitution explicitly prescribes certain duties of the citizens, which are justiciable in nature. It is the first and foremost duty of the citizens to cooperate with the Socialist leadership in every respect, abide by the Constitution, and all other state laws. They are required to protect public property and extend a helping hand in the maintenance of law and order. To defend the country against foreign aggression is also another duty of the citizens. French Constitution It has a unitary form of government and the nature of the government is called a semi-Presidential type. It has some features of the Parliamentary system and others of the Presidential system. The Legislature is clearly subordinate to the Executive in the French system. The Constitution puts clear limitations on the legislative power of the French Parliament. It mentions that the Parliament can make laws only on the matters enumerated in the Constitution. On all other matters, the government can make laws by simple order or decree. Hence statements 1 and 3 are correct and statement 2 is correct.

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