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Correct Option is 2 and 3

"Articles 256 to 263 in Part XI of the Constitution deal with the administrative relations between the Centre and the states. The executive power has been divided between the Centre and the states on the lines of the distribution of legislative powers, except in few cases. Thus, the executive power of the Centre extends to the whole of India. 1.To the matters on which the Parliament has exclusive power of legislation (the subjects enumerated in the Union List). Hence statement 1 is not correct. 2.To the exercise of rights, authority and jurisdiction conferred on it by any treaty or agreement 3.The executive power of a state extends to its territory in respect of matters on which the state legislature has exclusive power of legislation (the subjects enumerated in the State List) 4.The subjects enumerated in the Concurrent List, the executive power rests with the states except when a Constitutional provision or a parliamentary law specifically confers it on the Centre. A law on a concurrent subject, though enacted by the Parliament, is to be executed by the states except when the Constitution or the Parliament has directed otherwise. Hence statement 2 and 3 are correct."

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