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Correct Option is 2 only

"Until Parliament provides otherwise, the following are to be in the English language only: (a) All proceedings in the Supreme Court and in every high court. (b) The authoritative texts of all bills, acts, ordinances, orders, rules, regulations, and bylaws at the Central and state levels 2. However, the governor of a state, with the previous consent of the president, can authorize the use of Hindi or any other official language of the state, in the proceedings in the high court of the state, but not with respect to the judgements, decrees and orders passed by it. In other words, the judgments, decrees, and orders of the high court must continue to be in English only (until Parliament otherwise provides). 3. Similarly, a state legislature can prescribe the use of any language (other than English) with respect to bills, acts, ordinances, orders, rules, regulations, or bye-laws, but a translation of the same in the English language is to be published. Hence only statement 2 is correct"

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