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Correct Option is 1 and 2

Soon after the war broke out, an array of emergency legislations was passed in India and Britain. The autonomy of the Provincial Governments was curbed and civil liberties of the people were restricted. Congress was of the idea to support the British on the condition that India should be declared an independent nation immediately after the war and a responsible government must be placed at the centre.Gandhi, opposed to Subhash, did not wanted independence from the ruins of England, because that was not the way of non violence.On September 8, 1939, there was a meeting of the Congress Working Committee. In it, it was suggested that the issue of the war and peace with India must be decided by the Indian People. But on this resolution, Government did not do anything. So the Congress High Command declared that Congress Ministries in the provinces should resign. This irked the British Government. The Muslim league had openly supported the British in the war policies and thus they were encouraged hereafter

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