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Correct Option is 1, 2 and 3 only

Justification: The Judges Enquiry Act (1968) regulates the procedure relating to the removal of a judge of a high
court by the process of impeachment.
Statement 1 and 2: A removal motion signed by 100 members (in the case of Lok Sabha) or 50 members (in
the case of Rajya Sabha) is to be given to the Speaker/Chairman.
The Speaker/Chairman may admit the motion or refuse to admit it.
If it is admitted, then the Speaker/Chairman is to constitute a three-member committee to investigate into the
The procedure is same for a SC judge. So, 1 and 2 both are correct.
Statement 4: After the motion is passed by each House of Parliament by special majority, an address is
presented to the president for removal of the judge.
Finally, the president passes an order removing the judge.  

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