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Correct Option is Only a

Mandal Commission recommendations The Commission reported that 52% of the country’s population was comprised of OBCs. initially, the commission argued that the percentage of reservation in government service should match this percentage. However, this would have gone against an earlier Supreme Court ruling which had laid down the extent of the reservation to under 50%. There was already a 22.5% reservation for SCs and STs. Therefore, the figure of reservation for OBCs was capped at 27% which when added to the already existing reservation would be below the 50% mark. The Commission also identified backward classes among non-Hindus. The recommendations are briefly mentioned below: Reservation of 27% public sector and government jobs for OBCs for those who do not qualify on merit. Reservation of 27% for promotions at all levels for OBCs in public service. The reserved quota, if unfilled, should be carried forward for a period of 3 years and dereserved after that. Age relaxation for OBCs to be the same as that for SCs and STs. A roster system should be prepared for the backward classes on the pattern of that for the SCs and STs. Reservations to be made in PSUs, banks, private sector undertakings receiving government grants, colleges and universities. The government to make the necessary legal provisions to implement these recommendations.

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