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Correct Option is Statement (II) alone is sufficient to answer the question but statement (I) alone is not sufficient to answer the question.

From I -
Probability of getting a black ball is = ⅙
Let there are ‘x’ black balls & ‘6x’ total balls
Similarly, red balls= ‘x’
Probability of getting a while ball = ⅔ = 4/6
There will be 4x white balls.
a = 6x
But it can’t be solved further.
From II -

Let here 15 m white balls and 23 m total remaining balls after 1 white ball is lost
And 23m + 1 = a
15m + 1 is initial number of white balls
15 m is multiple of 15, it could be
15, 30, 45….
But it is given that initial number is less than 27. Therefore, initial number of white balls is 15m + 1 = 16 balls, and now 15 balls are remaining. Hence 23 m = a – 1
Put m=1
a=24 balls
Hence it can be answered from (ii) alone.

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