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Correct Option is Doctor

By using the given information:
Only three persons are younger to B, who is a driver. The one who is the second oldest is Carpenter. E was born in a year after B but he was not born in a leap year. Only two persons was born between E and A. Now we have two possible cases for that i.e. Case1 and Case2.

D’s age is not 26 years .The sum of age of D and the one who is Doctor is 67 years. i.e. (26 + 41 ) years. The difference between the age of Nurse and the carpenter is 6 years. i.e.37 years .A is not a Nurse. Now case1 will be eliminated. The sum of age the plumber and C is 62 years .i.e (45 + 17 ) years. Now we have one more case i.e. Case2(a). . I was not born in 1984 and he is neither a plumber nor a carpenter, so by elimination I is a doctor.

The one whose age is 41 years is not a singer. D is neither an Engineer nor a Banker, so D is a Painter. The sum of age of Painter and Singer is 61 years .A is not an Engineer, so A is a banker and C is an Engineer.

F is younger than G but older than H, who is not a nurse. Now case2 will be eliminated as we can’t place H. Now we have our final arrangements.

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