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Correct Option is Neither 1 nor 2

42nd Amendment Act of 1976 added 10 Fundamental Duties to the Indian Constitution.86th Amendment Act 2002 later added 11th Fundamental Duty to the list. Swaran Singh Committee in 1976 recommended Fundamental Duties, the necessity of which was felt during the internal emergency of 1975-77. The Fundamental Duties are dealt with Article 51A under Part-IV A of the Indian Constitution. THERE ARE SOME CRITICISM OF FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES The list of duties is not exhaustive as it does not cover other important duties like casting vote, paying taxes, family planning and so on. In fact, the duty to pay taxes was recommended by the Swaran Singh Committee. Some of the duties are vague, ambiguous and difficult to be understood by the common man. For example, different interpretations can be given to the phrases like ‘noble ideals’, ‘composite culture’, ‘scientific temper’ and so on.

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