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Correct Option is Bhavnagar

Gujarat Government has given its nod to the world’s first CNG port terminal at Bhavnagar. The proposed CNG port terminal will have annual capacity of 6 million matric tone, which will increase the total handling capacity of the port to 9 million matric tones. The new facility will be developed in the Northern side of present port, under which RoRo terminal, liquid terminal and container terminal will be developed in future. The U.K. based Foresight group and Mumbai based Padmanabh Mafatlal group joint venture will invest Rs.1900 crore to set up a CNG port terminal at Bhavnagar port. MoU for this project between Gujarat government arm Gujarat Maritime Board and London based Foresight Group was signed during the 2019 Vibrant Gujarat summit. Hence, option (c) is the correct answer. Gartner & Panipat film festival spg (6-10)

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