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Correct Option is 8 males and 5 females

Solution:From the given statements, Lift C3 and the lift with 170kg capacity, which has one more female to male are diagonally opposite to each other. Here we get 2 possibilities i.e., Case 1 and Case 2. Now we have only one option left according to the given equation that the lift which has 170 kg capacity has 2 male and 3 females. There are two lifts between D2, which has 4 females and the lift which has 5 persons. According to the given statement No two lifts have same number of persons we get the fix position of lift D2. ``
D2 faces the lift which is adjacent to the one which has 550kg capacity, which is not an extreme end. The lift with 550 kg capacity which has 5 more females to lift D2 and faces the lift which is immediate left or right of D3. We know that lift D2 has 4 females which means the lift with 550kg capacity has 9 females so, we also know the number of males in it which comes 7.Lift C1 faces the one which is 2nd to the right of D3. From this condition Case 2 is ruled out now. Lift C1 has twice capacity to lift C2, which has half number of males to females of lift C1. Lift D4, which has 6 males and one more to lift C2 which is not an extreme end. Which means Lift C2 has 5 males and lift C1 has 10 females. The difference between the male and female of lift C1 is equal to the males of lift D4. Which means lift C1 has 4 males and capacity of lift C1 is 460 kg which is twice of lift C2, with 230 kg capacity, which has 1 female. Lift D5 has thrice the number of persons to lift D1 and both are not in the middle of the tower. Which means only one option left lift D1 has 5 persons so lift D5 has 15 persons. The number of males of lift D5 is twice the males of lift C1. Which means 8 males are there in lift D5 So, the females are 7. Total number of persons in lift D2 is equal to the number of females in lift D5. Which means 7 persons in lift D2.Lift C4 has 300kg more capacity to lift D1. From this condition we get 3 possibilities that lift C4 has 11 males and 1 female, 8 males and 5 females or 2 males or 13 females. The difference between male and females of lift C4 is not more than 5. According to the statement we get only one option left that lift C4 has 8 males and 5 females.Lift C4 has 50 kg more capacity to lift D4. Lift D4, which has 6 males. From these conditions we get to know the actual capacity and position of lift D4. The number of females of lift D3 is same as the number of females of lift D4 and twice the number of females of lift C3. Number of males in lift C3 is more to females and the capacity of the lift is under 300 kg. The number of males in lift C3 is more than the number of males in lift C1. From these conditions we know the actual number of persons and capacity of lift C3. The capacity of lift D3 is 370 kg more to lift C3. So, the final arrangement is-

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