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Correct Option is Two

Solution:S lives on the 6th floor. One person lives between S and Q. There are two possibilities. The one whose age is a perfect square of odd number lives on the 4th floor. Q is not 49 years old. There is one more possibility in case-2, i.e case-2(a). Five persons live between V and X, who does not live above T. V’s age is a perfect square of the even number. Hence V’s age is 64.

Two persons live between P and T whose age is a prime number. T does not live just above and just below the floor on which the one whose age is 49 years lives. U’s age is more than X and less than T. Hence T’s age is 37. The difference between the age of U and R is 10 years. Neither U nor R’s age is a prime number. There is only possibility U’s age is 25 and R’s age is 15. From these conditions case-1 and case-2 will be eliminated.

The sum of age of S and the one who lives on the 3rd floor is 64 years. So, age of S is 49. Q’s age is not less than 20years. Hence Q is 27years old. P’s age is less than X. The final arrangement is-

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