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Correct Option is Three

Solution:By using given information:
F lives on an even number floor just below one of the vacant floors. There are three floors between F and the one who likes Thor. The one who likes Thor does not live on the second floor. E is a singer and he lives on the third floor. Only two floors are between E and the one who likes Avengers. We have three possible cases for that Case1 and Case2 and Case3.
B who is a banker lives on an even number floor above H, who likes Ironman. H lives on an even number floor. The number of floors between B and F is same as in between H and C, who is a painter. F doesn’t like Avengers and B doesn’t like Thor. Case 3 will eliminate here. The number of floors above A is same as below C. Now, Case 2 will also eliminate here. C and the one who is a banker do not like Avengers. A is a driver and he likes Twilight. D likes superman but he doesn’t live on any of the floors above C. So, the remaining person G lives on 6th floor. Here, all the eight persons are placed on their respected floors so, the vacant floors are floor 9 and floor 5.The one who likes Hulk is a doctor. B doesn’t like Wonder Woman. The one who is a teacher lives on one of the floors below plumber and one of the floors above the one who is a professor. Now we have our final arrangement.

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