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Correct Option is More than three

Solution:The one who goes in March sits third to the right of G. There are two possibilities. Only one person sits between G and F who sits second to the right of D. Three persons go between A and D who goes after A and both A and D goes in the month which has an odd number of days. F is not an immediate neighbor of the one who goes in March.
B neither neighbor of G nor D and two persons go between B and D. C sits third to the left of B and goes just before B. Hence C goes in July and B goes in August. E sits second to the right of the one who sits second to the right of A. One of the immediate neighbors of E goes in the month which has the least number of days. More than one person goes before F.The one who is the third last person go on the holiday does not face inside. F goes before E but after H. From these conditions, case-2 will be eliminated and the final arrangement is-

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