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Correct Option is Three

Solution:It is given that M sits immediate right of R. Thus, from here we have two cases i.e case 1 and case 2. Immediate neighbours of M face opposite direction from M. The one who like Jaipur sits second to the left of M. One person sits between the one who like Jaipur and the one who like Delhi. O sits second to the left of the one who like Delhi. M does not like Delhi. O does not like Jaipur.
M and T faces each other. Thus, case2 get eliminated. Q sits immediate left of O. Neither S nor P like Jaipur. S does not face outside of the table. The one who like Goa faces the centre and is not immediate neighbour of T and N. The one who like Kerala sits third to the right of the one who like Goa. Immediate neighbours of T face opposite direction from each other. The one who like Mumbai sits immediate right of the one who like Pune. P does not like Manali. N and O face same direction. Thus, our final arrangement is

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