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Correct Option is Five

By using given information:
P, who likes NDTV sits third to the right of D. The one who likes Pink colour does not sit near to the one who likes NDTV. The one who likes Zee News does not sit near to the one who likes Grey colour. Three persons sit between the one who likes Zee News and A. Only one person sits between A and B when counted from the right of B. Here we get 2 possible cases i.e., Case 1 and Case 2.
Q sits second to the left of the one who likes Pink colour. D likes Pink colour in Case 2 and Blue colour in case2 and Q likes Grey colour in Case1in both Case1 and Case2. The one who likes Aajtak sits immediate right of the one who likes Blue colour. B does not like Aaj tak.The one who like White and Pink are not sit opposite to each other. Now Case 1 will be eliminated as we can’t place the one who likes CNN. C does not sit in the middle of the sides and S does not like White colour. Now we have our final arrangements.

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