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Correct Option is 1 and 3

Privileges of Parliamentarians: Freedom of Speech: According to the Indian Constitution, the members of Parliament enjoy the freedom of speech and expression. No member can be taken to task anywhere outside the four walls of the House (e.g. court of law) or cannot be discriminated against for expressing his/her views in the House and its Committees. Hence, Statement 1 is correct Freedom from Arrest: It is understood that no member shall be arrested in a civil case 40 days before and after the adjournment of the House (Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha) and also when the House is in session. It also means that no member can be arrested within the precincts of the Parliament without the permission of the House to which he/she belongs. Hence statement 2 is incorrect Exemption from attendance as witnesses: The members of Parliament also enjoy freedom from attendance as witnesses. Hence Statement 3 is correct.

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